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Rethinking the Black Queen

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True words from a true sistar. Defining a QUEEN!

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At least twice a day, if not more, I come across an article or picture that promotes the idea of the “Black Queen.” Now, this is usually from one of my fellow African American women friends and because of this I really feel that while I cannot make grandiose statements about the masses of black women that post these things, I can make certain opinions about this “movement.” As a disclaimer, I do understand the history and culture that was destroyed and is still being repaired in relation to black women and the United States. However, while trying to repair, we must be careful to not cut corners and we must keep ourselves accountable.

Now, being an African American woman, I supposedly should be in full support of this movement. However, for some reason I cannot get myself to really fully call myself a “BLACK” queen. This is not because…

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Meditation For The “Regular” People

The Goal Is To Look Deep Within, Where All Truths Lay Hidden.

The Goal Is To Look Deep Within, Where All Truths Lay Hidden.


Personally, I am a big advocate for meditation and all the benefits it brings. Yet even myself, being the big enthusiast that I am, I have found it quite challenging to achieve the “crossed-legged, straight back, chin-lock, utter silence for hours state” that most of us are accustomed to seeing from others in different nations around the globe.
The harmonious being who is clearly un-phased by any thought or action which is happening within the outside world. Who seems to have nothing going on in their inside world. Their face is so relaxed and steady, that they give the illusion of being asleep versus just being in a deep mindful state. In my small world particular, this thought of meditation is just that; a fleeting thought.

I know many who go to imitate that seated pose, with straight backs and heavy heads, barely managing to close the eyes, only to be bombarded with the thoughts that continuously float around inside our dome. Within a few moments, we have opened the eyes and already thinking of “What should I cook for dinner tonight? Did I ever text mom back? I am so hungry!”

This leads me to believe, maintaining this “image” in the mind of the well-tamed monk, can only lead to intimidation as well as be detrimental to any form of one’s meditative spiritual growth. This, in the end will turn even the eagerest of souls away from reaching their Most High. It can keep one from even trying to begin.

So I felt the need to get back to simple basics and work on the foundation of practicing meditation.


Focusing all on the center of the breathe. When the mind drifts, bring the focus back onto breaths center.

Inhale. Exhale.

This photo represents a great way to keep the mind centered on breath. Maintaining the steady flow of inhales, grabbing hold, and exhales, letting go. Helping to keep the mind on a steady flow with the hearts beat. Getting back to the basics and not trying to bash thyself over the brain, upon failed attempts at mastering another’s technique. Instead master thy own style. Use others as a mere blueprint in which you build upon.

Also remembering to not only be focused in that one very moment, then when time is up, go about the same way as before. But maintain a meditative state of mind thought throughout the entire day. In everything that one does. The benefits will be much greater in this way.

Breathe. The Spirit of Life.


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Bob Marley: A King & His Crown

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In history, wearing dreadlocks symbolized many things. It was a personal display of power for warriors in Africa; in India they was worn among adherents of Shiva (in India it was called Jata instead of dreadlocks); and in Jamaica it was the rejection of the Western mainstream beauty standards and the suffering that people build when confronted and negatively criticized for showing their true natural self.

Legendary reggae musician Bob Marley grew free form dreadlocks has part of his Rastafarian beliefs. Many people shy away from such a sacred hairstyle not only because of the media, but also because of the hair maintenance. But despite popular belief you actually got your work cut out for you.

“To tell you the truth, all you gotta do is leave it, wash it, and don’t comb it. Keep it clean and it will dreadlock itself,” said Marley.

Aside from how easy it is…

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Bianca M. 12-15-14

Bianca McClain. 12-15-14

Bianca M. modified wheel 12-15-14

Bianca McClain. modified wheel 12-15-14

Bianca M. Tree 12-15-14

Bianca McClain. Tree 12-15-14


Bianca McClain 12-15-14

Every end has to have a beginning. Seeing the final work creates the illusion that there was no sweat and tears put into the process. We should throw away this notion if we choose to truly progress in life.Once one stops expecting to receive an end result right away, the conflict on the mind can then begin to fade away.





I am very excited to be working toward a New adventure that will not only bring black women together who share and strive for the same common goals, but also want to grow in their personal practices with others similar to themselves. I hope to make Black Girls Yoga something that is known nationwide. Where women of color can come together and learn, share and grow from one another.

I follow some of the most inspiring, inspirational women on my Instagram account. Every morning I wake-up to see one of them flawlessly in a head stand as if they had been doing it since birth.  These women grace my timeline daily, giving me ideas, motivation and a firm grip on what I, myself can become.

I want to feature these women over time, and many others, building a Black Girls Yoga empire that will awaken another sister into who she wants to be as well.


This model is Unknown at this time. I do, however, plan to find and credit the model in  this Instagram post.

This model is Unknown at this time. I do, however, plan to find and credit the model in this Instagram post.

Adventures of the People and their fast food!!




Hope your day is as well as mine. If not, make sure you are doing something positive to change that.

This topic made me laugh out loud. I was thinking to myself, after getting home, about People. And I am speaking of no particular person, I am simply commenting on the majority of People.

For the time being, I have to do what I have to do to get by. This includes spending my days in a particular place of business that I am not too fond of and may I say I “can’t stand.” Yet I do what I have to with a smile on my face and optimism in my heart for the bigger picture which I am painting for myself and family.

With that being said, I just have to vent slightly, of some of the “things” which I hear come out of People’s face! With their “is this Diet soda” and “Heavy salt Please” on everything. I just don’t get it. Our society is full of addictions. I have come to see that each individual has some need of an outside stimulant which they feed as it becomes their addiction. Maybe this is part in due to the fact that we are creatures of habit, and we thrive on consistency and repetition.

All I can do is shake my head, seriously. And for so many other reasons as well. The main one being how meticulous and petty some People can be over some fast cooked, fake, processed junk. That so much thought and energy is put into something that was chemically put together by mindless machinery. Versus taking the time to chop, prepare and put together something using mind and heart.

But you say you spend your money on it right? Ok. I, myself can understand that. So why have I NEVER heard someone in a grocery store (which I have worked as well) or farmers market, picking and gripping over an apple? Or their bag of grapes? Or sack of potatoes? Or any other product that is actually real and can be considered Food. Why isn’t that much attention paid to the advancement of health and well-being as it is when it comes to feeding our addictions. Like being overly cautious about the thoughts we have? Or the things which we do throughout the day? Or how we treat one another? No one seems to be kicking up a fuss about subject matters that really affect lives. Especially in the category of wellness.

Once again, this is no offense to anyone. But if you are to find offense in some way, well than there must have been a reason. After having seen first hand a lot of things, I, myself, choose not to eat anything that comes with a “contains” list. This is not just because I have seen, first hand,  how down right disgusting things really are that People spend that hard earned  money on. I have seen the worthless value within it, and the way this “quick food craze” has fried this societies brain. It goes much deeper than this. I can honestly speak for myself that observing others, especially those whom are different, is my biggest life lesson. Being at the bottom has put me in such a great position to reach the top. Fully.

One more thing. That doctor you just paid hundreds of dollars to see to “care for your health,” he is the “heavy salt please” guy!! How is he caring for your health and well-being while he gives two you know what’s about his!!