2017: Challenge Yourself


With a New Year brings an opportunity for New Challenges!

Since social media has taken over a mass majority of our lives, we have all been drawn to some form of a challenge here and there. Rather it’s a new dance craze or to drink a glass of warm lemon water every morning for a month straight. We are all looking to see if we are able to push ourselves to that limit that many dare not go into, and beyond. Hoping to find the results that we oh so desire and seek.

Well. It’s now 2017 and we have officially embarked on a journey of self-awareness and re-discovery. In honor of such a movement, also referred to as the Age of Aquarius, why not challenge ourselves to go further, stepping out of that comfort zone and into that unfilled space which we have never gone before. This is the only way to bring about any type of change within our thriving lives. For nothing new can come from doing the same old thing. In fact, doing the same thing, repetitively and expecting a different outcome, is pure insanity.

To begin, think about the set of goals which you have for yourself to reach for as you move throughout this entire year. Look to see if the subject of your goals is nutrition, fitness, financial, spiritual and/or work and business related. And even an amalgamation of all these things. Now with this list and the subject for which you wish to center your working around, think of a way to incorporate some type of repetitive habit for each and every day, in which you will increase upon and build on as the days move along.

To push this concept even further, say you want to increase muscle mass in your arms so you go for push-ups every day. Set to reach this target by starting first thing in the morning with a set of push-ups, increasing them over time. This, will in return create a lasting habit beyond just the 30-day challenge and you will definitely see some results.

How about finances. Like many of us, you may have the goal to save a particular amount of money for the entire year for an upgrade in your home or a vacation for the family. Or even better, you can reach for to save from now until the summer in which you will treat you and your family to a day at the waterpark, no expenses spared. The reward for this alone gives great motivation for one to stick to a plan of say putting away a dollar a day or maybe even doubling that dollar each day. Once you reach that set end goal, you will feel such great joy for completing and being able to freely enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Fitness is probably the most popular of the goals alongside finances. Rather it’s losing weight, starting a yoga practice or going steadily to the gym on a weekly basis. Many have visions of reaching a certain target for their body and way of living. So pick your target and challenge yourself to increase repetitions and length of time practiced each and every day. If you are looking to tone your legs, squat challenges are always fun. Starting with 30, then 35, 40, then 45. Be sure to add in a rest day as your muscles will surely need it.

This same concept can be carried over into the shoulders, stomach, and toning other parts of the body.

The greatest benefit from partaking a challenge, no matter what it may be, is the rewarding feeling that follows once completing. This sensation of having accomplished something builds up inside and before you know it, you are looking for the next thing to conquer. These are the thoughts you will need to carry with you in order to continue accomplishing milestones in your journey.

What a way to get the ball rolling and set the tone for the rest of the year!


Frozen Berry Morning ReTreat



Rise and Shine! Or as I like to say, Rise and Grind!!!

From those tender early school years, we are taught to eat a good breakfast in order to start the day. That it is the most important meal and that a body cannot get a good start without a morning fuel up.

Unfortunately, sugar has been taught to be the staple ingredient for the past few decades, due to the misconceptions that this form of sugar is needed for producing energy.  This misteaching has been pumped into the minds of the young as well as the old.

Traditionally, cereals, pancakes, waffles, bagels as well as pastries have been passed down and prepared to be consumed upon awakening from our sleeping state of consciousness. Teaching that it is SUGAR, and not necessarily natural forming sugars found in naturally growing foods, but white compound sugar which is created in a laboratory by man.

It is time to re-wire our thinking and rid ourselves of false teachings! I, myself included, find that the best starting point is to begin each day with what I like to refer as a Blended Breakfast. In which handfuls of fruits and even veggies are thrown in and blended to perfection. It is indeed a very good way to get a full day serving of needed nutrients, first thing in the morning.

What a way to start the day!!!


“From nothing, anything can be created”



All Rights Reserved 2016


This is a series, in which I hope to create, leading up to the upcoming release of my hand-book, “ On The Come Up: A Black Woman’s Guide to Creating Wealth” by Queen Bee, highlighting simple ways, which if consistently applied, can provide a stream of income, that can easily be transformed into whatever the individual can perceive for themselves.

So here, in the picture is one of my personal first creations (All Rights Reserved 2016) created off the recently popular website, teespring.com. This is a platform which I personally found while conducting my own research into creating business and lucrative wealth for myself. Teespring gives the user the opportunity to create multiple  t-shirts in various cuts, styles and giving ways to personalize using your own images.

Please keep in mind, that there are many factors that go into what I am presenting here in Exhibit A. Selling t-shirts on a platform such as teespring.com, falls under the umbrella known as Dropshipping. A process in which you, the account holder, is the seller, and the stage in which you are operating on has the stockpile of physical supplies, that they will package and ship to your buyers. This gives the seller the freedom of not having to worry about all the elements which go into producing t-shirts such as graphic design, printing, physical blank shirts and ultimately delivering to the consumer.

As I type this description, I am reminded of the amazement which I feel, thinking of all the advantages this method holds. And the now various companies that are beginning to step into the field of dropshipping and it’s many benefits. This can be profitable for such an individual who already has the intended audience and connection to already interested buyers, giving them the leverage to earn a very lucrative outcome.

As with any venture, there are many aspects in which to consider when making the conscious decision to begin investing time and money into something. Concerns of over head cost and amount of personal money needed to invest is the first deterring thought to enter anyone’s mind. However, with dropshipping, the number one benefit is the “no risk factor” of not having to buy inventory up front. Instead, you “campaign” by getting the word out and advertising the product through various methods, with a timeline of say 30 days. If a certain amount is sold within the allotted time frame, then the manufacturer, honors each purchase and ships the product to the committing  buyers.

This process eliminates having an extensive inventory of product and feeling the pressures of getting it all sold.  Furthermore, there are the dealings and hassles of shipping various items to numerous places. A process many individuals are not familiar with.

I dive deeper into this concept, it’s workings and the many other companies which operates as a fulfillment center, in my hand-book. Also highlighting the number one, top company in which dropshipping can provide well over 5 figure income.

As stated before, with any business venture, being armed with the information on how to attack is just half of the battle. Putting the mind into action is the rest.

Let the REAL Purge Begin: Removing Toxicity from Your Life!

The word purge has been popularized over the past couple of years, with its reference to the newly widespread released movie series. It is the idea of ridding oneself and the world of the evils which plague us all. This same concept of expulsion, can be carried over into our day to day functions and interactions which we encounter in all corners of life. Purging the toxicity which reeks-havoc in our lives will consequently leave you with the overwhelming feeling of relief, giving you confidence, clear thoughts and a peaceful mind.

I get deeper into this concept in my self-published work “Black Girl Magick”, which emphasizes the importance of seeking solitude in order to cultivate that higher level of power which lies dormant within us all. Especially for women of culture who have been traumatized, battered and bruised in their past and still can feel the crimpling effects of it today. It is essential for them, in particular, to gain a strong anchoring, to the Earth which in return will ground them and heal them past the ever present hurt.

So what is it that is considered “toxic’ to the natural well-being of our mind, bodies and souls?

Anything which does not bring pleasure, clarity, comfort, peace and security to one’s life, is subsequently, toxic and should be treated as such. We must begin to look at all the areas in our lives which ultimately come into play when analyzing the dangers that we must remove before they begin to spread within us, like a deadly illness and disease.

To begin, if I were to take this subject matter of this writing, toxic lifestyles, and chart each area of focus on a pie chart, the biggest chunk of the pie BY FAR would have to be work and career, with personal relationships coming in a close second. I can almost bet my last dollar that the number one element in life which we all feel the less connected and fulfilled within, is a 9to5 servitude jobs.  Being obligated day in and out to conform thyself, follow strict rigid schedules and leaving little to no time for the cultivation of the higher self. We spend most of our waking hours within a work place or environment, operating on someone else schedule and time, expelling our own physical and mental energy. The fact of the matter is that the majority wake in the morning with a deadline to be somewhere by a specific time and perform tedious duties for a timed number of hours, in exchange for a fraction of a pay rate, all for the benefit of executive individuals whom you have no knowledge of.

So what is one to do when survival is a must? Where does one begin to change this negative factor into a positive one, since generating some form of monetary currency into our lives is essential to living and meeting our needs on this physical plane? This is what stumps many, including myself at one point in time, leaving them stuck staring at a blank wall with no idea to get around it.  Subsequently sending us round and around as if chasing our own tails.

Why is this? How did we fall into a shallow excuse of a life? Easy. The vast majority of people are not using the natural born skills which they already possess on the inside to create the in-come of goods and services they need to survive. Not to mention the art of barter and trade has been virtually lost over the centuries. Thus, leaving most people to use their energy, literally, to get the things they need (or think they need) for the benefit of profits for various entities (corporations) and being compensated for it based on the amount of timed energy (hours) the individual puts in. What a dreadful cycle.

So, what do you do? How do you escape from up under the notion that the only means for a survival is to conform to the expectations that one must “work” extra hard, and long to advance in an imaginary world of status in order to successfully be compensated for your energy to supply our basic need for food, clothing and shelter?

Make a list. Of the immediate things in your life that quite frankly, you can do without! Do it now!

Don’t just stop with naming your toxic job and that relationship/friendship that brings you more grief than pleasure. Include the foods you eat, day to day which are mostly processed and quick meals due to a high demand schedule which takes away from the focus of good nutrition, as well as the chemically infused body products that we cover ourselves with every day. We all have habits. Include them too. The items which you pay for on a daily like that fancy car or high-tech phone and all or the extracurricular activities which we use for our pleasures.

Take this same list, and with each point you make, write the excuse you have for dealing with, using and/or keeping these actions in your life, beside each point. Give your reasoning for not letting go of something which is hindering you more than being a benefit. Re-read this list and its excuses, out loud. Say each point aloud, to yourself. There is something about hearing the truth out loud, and having the words replay over in our minds, that makes us realize just how lame and petty they are.

Be sure that you included all the things which you have attached yourselves to in this life, in every area of life. Are these connections really necessary for your immediate survival and the cultivation of your spirit on this physical plane?

After having done this exercise, based off of your own responses, what have you found for yourself? Are your attachments more parasitic in nature or of a great benefit to your well-being? Are you mimicking the behaviors of a hoarder and just lugging around crap from place to place.  Or are you free from restraints and able to go to that place of being which you desire for yourself?

Detach from situations, circumstances and thought patterns which hinder the way which you seek to live your life fully. Above all. First we must detach. Disconnect from anyone that does not bring joy. Some type of benefit to yourself. Rid your life of the useless junk that you are carrying around day to day. Of the things you stress your mind over and in return making your nervous system work overtime.

Begin to remove all the things that do not serve you higher self. Point blank and end of story. That is what you must do and what you must find the strength to do. It requires a rewiring of the mind and new though patterns in order to step into the different life one seeks for themselves.

Find your passion. That which calls to you that you can do on a daily basis, for a profit that even though you are putting work into it, it is not meaningless energy but something that benefits yourself and another. This is what you must strive to become. Unless being part of a corporate system which tells you when to eat, sleep and breath is what you desire, detaching from all of its workings is the only way you will find any form of peace within.

Let the PURGE begin.

Water Gallon Challenge

water challenge

Find an empty gallon jug. Grab a sharpie and get to it. This is an excellent example of how to motivate and remind the self of how much water intake we need daily. 

Seems each month brings about a new set of challenges.

Rather it be yoga centered, which is my personal favorite, where there are daily asana goals to meet or a type of eating clean or fasting challenge; everyone is into doing something different that pushes them past the normal limits which they set for themselves and into a zone they never have been into before.

Even though many start off like a temporary dare, the overall mindset that one should have is to turn that action into a permanent long-lasting habit.

Here we have, a gallon water jug, where one has cleverly written on with a sharpie, a crafty way to remind the self, from the homeplace to the workplace, no matter the time of the day, to drink a certain amount of ounces each hour, totaling a gallon worth of water by the end of a day. Reminding one to drink from the time they rise until laying down at the end of the day.

It is no secret that the human body is made up of over 75% water. So it would only make sense that the body be consistently replenished of the natural fluids which our lost throughout the day. We have all heard about drinking however many 8-ounce glasses for the day. Realistically, it is a task to keep count of the number of individual full glasses drunk for the day.

So let’s all get those gallon jugs, even if you go buy a fresh one. Take that sharpie and follow the layout from the picture above.

I can almost guarantee, that the person who see’s you with your gallon jug, will inquire out of curiosity what the jug is all about. This is you time to educate someone new and get them on board as well.

Spread the water love!